About Me

Orange County Freelance Graphic and Website Designer

For the past 20 years, I have had the pleasure of developing creative work for start-ups and small businesses in Orange County, California. As an OC native myself, I am steeped in the outdoor lifestyle culture that has birthed incredible local brands like Vans, Volcom, Blizzard and Shimano. I also know a lot about tacos. A lot.

Gen X digital native with real-world print experience

I was 15 when I had my first America Online account. I remember when chat rooms had moderators! My formative years were immersed in flip phones, MySpace, and whatever streaming music site was the site du jour. While I was constantly exposed to website design, my first actual design jobs demanded real-world print production skills. Making mechanical files. Checking production proofs at a brick-and-mortar print shop. And so I am uniquely equipped with contemporary web design sensibility and old-school print practices that are still needed in today s online/offline marketing world.

Photography and 3D expertise

Bonus skills! I have extensive professional photography (product, live event, editorial) and 3D design experience. These are super helpful if e-commerce is a core function of your site, or you desire to use no stock photography. I have shot live conferences, behind-the-scenes, employee headshots, office interiors, real estate, and food/beverage menus. Especially when clients want to bring their authentic Orange County vibe to their web presence, I am a one-stop-shot for photographing your product and staff, and pulling that into a seamless and tasteful website experience.

Using 3DS Max and Maya, I develop 3D concepts for clients including conference booth schematics and tradeshow booth design.3d files can be converted to any number of formats for rapid prototyping. Many engineering files can also be converted to graphic friendly format for advanced rendering.

Let's build your web presence today

Your small business or start-up fires me up. I am amazed at all the cool ideas and innovative products clients bring to market. I love nothing more than meeting a new client and hearing about the vision they have for their company. The energy and spirit of entrepreneurs inspires me and fuels my best work. I can't wait to meet you and make your vision a reality!